Edition 14 - 2022

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3 Years

All products and accessories manufactured by Quick Marine Lighting come with
3 years Warranty!

Nautical Experts since 1983

Quick SpA - Factory

Quick S.p.A
. is a leader company in Italy and worldwide in manufacturing accessories for sailing boats and yachts.

It begins in the early 80s as an initiative by some professionals with training and expertise acquired in the Comar shipyard, manufacturer of the legendary Comets. In the same context, made of names destined to become famous, a small company named PM Marina acquired Quick in 1992, and this very association, solid and innovative, will guide the company towards important goals and the development of a wide array of products, from windlasses to thrusters, from battery chargers to nautical boilers, from remote controls to navigation lights, to the Marine Lighting Quick Division, started in 2007.

In 2012, after the experience acquired in the lighting technology, Quicklighting was launched.

Quick S.p.A. is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Quick SpA - Overview


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